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Obzidian Wine Manufacture is a tiny estate in Hegyalja, the name of which bears the two pieces of information one should know. Obzidian is the archaism of obsidian. The cellar got this name because in one of our outstanding wine growing regions, called Határi-field, a lot of such stones, semi-precious stones can be found.

This stone, which is also used in jewels, originated in the course of volcanic eruptions, when the hot lava suddenly got cool and hardened. It is also known as volcanic glass. This moderate but also substantial flash is characteristic of the wines of the wine-cellars. Manufacture, the used terminology, is not accidental either. Our aim is to produce wines of unique character which still can target at a wide range of consumers.

Our aim is to provide our customers with palatable, harmonious and fruity wines. Our wines reflect the characteristic, volcanic feature of the wine-growing region but we don’t intend to stress this strong and characteristic terroir. It’s there in the wine, it decorates it nicely, but besides this we find it important to stress the characteristics of the grape variety and how palatable the wine is.